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LCCI Seminars

Every month, LCCI offers its members and other entrepreneurs to attend or watch online video workshops, where each company’s employee may found compulsory information about the most urgent subjects related to entrepreneurship. Content of workshops is chosen according to members’ recommendations, and workshop lecturers and teachers are also chosen from LCCI members. Workshops take place both in Rīga, and in LCCI regional divisions. Each workshop attendance is free for one employee of the LCCI member’s company, and those who are not LCCI members, may participate for EUR 45 EUR per person.

Calendar of next workshops.

LCCI organizes the following workshop cycles:

  • e-Club: for developing e-commerce abilities;
  • Communication Wednesdays: for efficient communication;
  • Financial Days: for accountants and financial experts;
  • Law Afternoons: simply and clearly on legal matters;
  • Human Strength Source: for growth of personality;
  • Good Practice Business School: for efficient management of entrepreneurship;
  • Sales 24/7: for active sellers, as well those who want to become such;
  • Personnel Management 360: on urgent topics in personnel management, documentation and changes of the Labour Law;
  • Benchmarking – visit to the company;
  • Industry current events;
  • Export ABC – LCCI members and public institutions sharing in export practice basics;
  • Export Mornings – discussions on export over a cup of coffee.