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The independent external AIB audit has confirmed the compliance of IMMER DIGITAL production with global food safety standards. According with the conclusions of the audit committee, IMMER Digital has scored 920 points, having improved their last year's figure.
"The improved audit result for the compliance with AIB Consolidated Standards for Inspection is an indicator of our uncompromising position in ensuring the quality and safety of our products. The IMMER Group production is inspected and audited dozens of times every year. For us, this is an on-going process aimed at the continuous improvement of our technologies and systems in accordance with the current world standards," said Irina Mirochnik, the IMMER Group President
The AIB audit includes an assessment of five key categories. According with the evaluation results of IMMER Digital, the categories "Cleaning Practices", "Operation Methods and Personnel Practices", "Maintenance for Food Safety" have scored the most.
An AIB audit is an integrated and comprehensive process. Every year, 130 qualified inspectors and auditors assess the compliance with safety requirements and standards at more than 10,000 sites in 120 countries. Their goal is to determine the conformity of production to the basic elements of the ISO, FDA and other standards.